• Vimass's comprehensive financial services include:
    • Money transfer and payment services
    • Wallet recharge and collection service by QR
    • Wallet top-up and collection service by payment code
    • Payment service by app and by QR
    • Payment by card
    • Remittance Service
    • Loan service
    • Insurance services
    • Cash service
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    • It can be explained that QR Code is an abbreviation of Quick response (quick response code). It comes in the form of a two-dimensional (2D) barcode that can be read by a barcode reader or smartphone with image capture function combined with a specialized application to scan barcodes.
    • Brands often use QR Codes containing information related to products, or websites, event information, contact information, messages, etc. Each brand will have a way to guide payment by QR code private. Depending on the device that reads the QR code when you scan it, it will lead to the results contained within.
    • Many people still do not understand how to scan QR code to pay? Actually, this form is very simple. QR Code payment is how you use a smartphone (smartphone) with a photo function (camera) with a specialized application to scan barcodes. You just need a phone equipped with a camera that you can make this payment feature without having to use cash or ATM cards. When paying by QR Code, you will not have to fill in customer information, card number or bank account number… You just need to scan the QR code and enter the amount to pay.
    • There are also a number of applications where you can create your own QR code that is linked to an e-wallet for payment. With this form, you need to learn the specific QR code payment instructions of that application. No matter what form of payment you use by scanning QR codes, you will realize a lot of advantages compared to the traditional method.
  • Step 1: Download Vimass Wallet app or Vimass Multifunction Card to your mobile phone or update to the latest version if an app is available
  • Step 2: Log in to the application and proceed to link the e-wallet on the Vimass Wallet app or Vimass Multifunction Card
  • Step 3: Load the amount to be paid into the e-wallet
  • Step 4: Select the “QR Scan” feature on the main screen of the application
  • Step 5: Select “Payment” and give the code displayed on the screen to the cashier. Or you can choose "Scan code" to pay at locations where QR codes are available for products.


    • E-invoice is a collection of electronic data messages about the sale of goods and provision of services that are created, made, sent, received, stored and managed by electronic means. E-invoices are a comprehensive solution for organizations and businesses, helping them to issue, distribute, process and store electronic invoices as an alternative to paper invoices. E-invoices are created, made and processed on the computer system of the organization that has been granted a tax code when selling goods and services and stored on the computers of the parties in accordance with the law on tax payment. electronic transactions.
  • In addition to the above definition, e-invoices are also defined in Circulars and Decrees as follows:
    • According to Article 3,Decree 119 on electronic invoices:
      E-invoice is a form of invoice represented by electronic data made by organizations and individuals providing goods and services, recording sales information, providing services, digitally signing, and digitally signing. according to regulations by electronic means, including the case where invoices are made from cash registers with electronic data transmission connection to tax authorities.
    • According to Article 3,Circular 32 on electronic invoices:
      E-invoice is a collection of electronic data on sale of goods and provision of services created, sent, stored and managed by electronic means.
  • With many advantages and disadvantages of electronic invoices, the outstanding advantages compared to paper invoices that greatly help the accountant's work must include the following points.
  • Apply direct information management technology:
    • Instead of using traditional paper invoices (through purchase, order printing or self-printing), e-invoices apply information management technology directly through computers and the internet. Vimass invoices are created, sent, received, stored and managed by electronic means through the use of communication and information technology, deposited with digital signatures and have the same legal value as invoices normally.
  • Reduce administrative procedures:
    • The application of e-invoices helps to reduce administrative procedures and makes it easier to manage and monitor invoices, store electronic invoices, without worrying about being torn, burned, damaged,... in businesses. In particular, when businesses use e-invoices, it will limit many errors when the seller can issue draft invoices and send them to the buyer for them to check the necessary information (exported and unsigned call). is draft). When checking if there are any errors, the buyer will report back and the seller will re-issue the invoice and send it over without having to cancel the e-invoice. When the buyer agrees with all the information on the invoice, the seller will then issue, sign and send it to the buyer without worrying about being wrong.


    • A multifunction card is a card that can store information on the card's memory. The system can operate independently of the computer, but it can still ensure functions such as making internal payment cards, functions related to charging, controlling access in secure units. high density.
    • The system is often applied in fields such as universities, colleges, resorts, amusement parks: parks, game centers, restaurants, hotels, points system, identity cards. electronic, parking fee payment, canteen payment, vending machine purchase, customer management in and out, revenue management, automatic deduction of money (monthly ticket), payment at the cafeteria.
    • Using by phone:
      • - Open Vimass Wallet or Universal Card app on mobile phone
      • - Select the function in the Vimass Wallet or Universal Card app on NFC phones and tap the card
    • Use by reader:
      • - Select the function on the reader and touch the card
  • Top up the card in two ways:
    • Option one: use Vimass wallet to transfer money to card number
    • Option two: transfer money to an account of Vimass at one of 32 banks, in the content write the card number, for example NAP V123456
  • Withdraw money from your card to your bank account in two ways:
    • Option one: select the function in the Vimass Wallet app on NFC phones and tap the card
    • Method two: select the function on the reader and touch the card


    • In order to carry out the procedures for tax declaration, online tax payment, electronic customs declaration, and online declaration submission, businesses need to register a digital signature. Digital signatures and electronic signatures help businesses ensure that declarations are legally valid and secure.
    • A digital signature is a form of electronic signature. This is information encrypted with the sender's private key, attached to the text to ensure the recipient's identification and authentication of the correct origin and integrity of the received data.
    • Digital signature is understood as an electronic seal of an individual, enterprise or organization.
    • Digital signatures play a very important role in the event of a dispute because digital signatures provided by a public CA system such as FPT have the same legal value as hand-signed signatures in non-electronic transactions.
    • In e-government:
      1. - Electronic customs declaration, electronic tax
      2. - Birth, death
      3. - Issuance of papers and certificates
      4. - Applying for: publication, construction, healthcare, education...
    • In e-commerce:
      1. - Authenticate the identity of the participants in the transaction, verify the safety of electronic transactions over the Internet.
      2. - Authenticate the integrity of contracts, documents...
      3. - Authentication application in Internet banking
      4. - Authentication application in stock trading
      5. - Authentication application in online trading and bidding


    • E-wallet is understood as an account or an online payment method through online transactions. The device accompanying the e-wallet is a smartphone or other corresponding mobile device with an internet connection.
    • You can use e-wallet to pay online for many services and utilities such as:
      1. - Electricity and water payment
      2. - TV bill payment
      3. - Pay for internet
      4. - Pay the school fee
      5. - Shop online, shop in store,…
      6. - Buy plane tickets


    • Public services are services performed by the state or authorized by other agencies to serve the community, in order to ensure the most essential and necessary needs of people in daily life.
      • "It is an essential service for the socio-economic life of the country, the population community or to ensure national defense and security that the State must organize and perform."
    • It can be understood that public service is a function of the state, including the provision of goods and products in any form for the public benefit.


    • A payment gateway is an application that connects a market like Lazada/Shopee or an eCommerce store with a bank or any financial institution. This is a merchant service that can accept or decline credit/debit or fintech payments. Some popular payment gateways are Gcash, Stripe, PayPal, and Square.
    • The payment gateway has two main functions:
      • - Transmit payment information from customer to merchant's bank in the most secure way.
      • - Transfer payments back to merchants and customers when accepting or rejecting a transaction.